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We provide a complete design and building procurement services, focused on the application of sound sustainable design principles to all of our projects using contemporary, innovative design and building techniques. At CMS Architects we pride ourselves in delivering quality service to our discerning clients. Our project skills range fin domestic renovations to commercial projects including disability access design, with an emphasis on providing the best outcome for our clients and the building occupants.

Project profiles

Larne House

Rosanna, 2009

This contemporary home has a sensitive modern touch which reflected the clients taste and style of living. Despite its modern appearance which was uncommon in its immediate surroundings, the outcome is not out of place but weaves in well and enhances the whole streetscape. On the outside we employed a play of different materials that contrast and highlighted different parts of the fascade, while the low profile roof tiles gives the house a elegant appeal. Care is paid to the planning of the house to ensure that it can function as a home and also as an office. Our office interior decorator & designer worked closely with the client to ensure that the interior of the house is consistence with the whole scheme of the design.

Crisis Accomnodation Centre

St Kilda, 2010

In this project we not only provide people with shelter, we provide housing which is independent, their own space, so they can regain control over their personal living space. The housing units are self contained, no shared bathroom facilities, other than within a family unit. They have control over bathing, eating, sleeping, cleaning. All the things those of us with housing take for granted. The housing also attempts, through its design, to lift people beyond their condition, to allow the triumphant human spirit to rise above their condition and excel again. The high ceilings over the bedrooms are intended to lift people’s spirits, as well as giving access to north light and natural ventilation and cooling via thermal currents. The height above the other rooves signifies the importance of the individual, and their ability to rise above adversity. Each unit has north facing living areas, with outlook over gardens and beyond. The out door space provides generous and private recreation in the fresh air, and hopefully opportunities for chance acquaintances, new friendships, informal supports. Children are supported in an environment which is predictable for them in the company of their carers. Playgrounds are provided for junior and senior children, where carers can keep an eye on them. A space for BBQ is provided for functions or individual use. All of this is supported by a

Denman House

Brunswick , 2009

The Denman home is a wonderful example of an old home which was once closed up, cold and dark, even during the daytime. The renovation to the home brought the opportunity to rearrange the internal rooms to better suit the site conditions, allowing light into all parts of the home, and open up spaces while maintaining generous space for storage and for leisure.

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